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  • Hi Neil, I do not believe there are plans to increase the Agent CSV export limit.I recommend logging a Service Request to allow us to hear the businessrequirement and advise you on how we can help meet the requirement. Thanks,Chris
  • Great point, Neil! Thank you for these tips! -Chris
  • Hi, To do this, edit the column prompt > expand Options, expand the dropdown, then select SQL results. Then, edit the SQL like this, then save your Prompt/Analysis: SELECT UPPER("Folder"."Column Name") FROM "Sales - CRM Pipeline" FETCH FIRST 65001 ROWS ONLY Thanks, Chris Dabel Oracle Fusion Support
  • Hi Neil, This is due to the parameters set in the BI config files on the BI server. Generally, these parameters cannot be changed for cloud BI instances. There is one setting for normal export to CSV, and another for Agents. You can get more rows of data by using the BI Cloud Connector, where you can schedule data…
  • Hi, The row limitation cannot be changed. Do you have to analyze all the rows? Or can you get them via another method, then view them in Excel? Could you please explain what you mean by "analyze more than 25,000 rows of data"? What kind of analysis do you need to do? The answer will help us be able to advise on alternate…
  • Yes, for this, you could do this: 1) Use a pivot measure for each of the columns containing the age range employee counts. The column formulas will look like this: Column1 formula: FILTER("# of Employees" USING "employee age" BETWEEN 16 AND 20) Column2 formula: FILTER("# of Employees" USING "employee age" BETWEEN 21 AND…
  • The only way to really understand what is going on with this is to look at the underlying, physical SQL that the report is using. I recommend logging a Service Request so we can help you get to the bottom of it. Chris Dabel Oracle Support
  • Hello, Please review KM Doc ID 1415725.1. We have also seen this error get resolved with a bounce of the BI Domain. Please log a Service Request, and we can help. Chris Dabel Oracle Fusion Support