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  • You're welcome, Sravan! Glad it helped.
  • Thanks, Steve for your input, I'll look into it. Meanwhile, we have raised a bug with the product team (we were using windows instance) and are following up with them.
  • Hi Sravan, You can try logging into the application and select preferences and then click on advanced and select preferred locale. By selecting the locale; the date, time, name etc. will be displayed/modified based on the selected locale. Please go through the below link for more details.…
  • Hi Prakash, OAC supports custom scripting to build your own models. Regarding SVD and anomaly detection they are available under the DBMS_DATA_MINING package. You can use the package by leveraging Oracle Machine Learning which is a part of the Autonomous Datawarehouse or Autonomous Transaction Processing service. HTH
  • Hi Aseel, The link below is about increasing config limits to analyze a lot of data using certain parameters on OAC dataset cache which might help your case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmj5toEn250 Hope that helps!
  • Hi Chethana, I have used the explain feature as a part of my descriptive analysis often. However, I haven't received this error yet. One tip that I can give you regarding the explain parameter is that apart from identifying the key drivers behind an attribute or a measure, it also sometimes suggests anomalies based on your…
  • Hi Prakash, The list of ML algorithms available on OAC are: CART, Elastic Net, Linear regression, Random Forest, Naive Bayes,Neural Network,SVM, Logistic Regression, Hierarchial Clustering, K-means Clustering and inbuilt sentiment analysis model. Specifically speaking, the Random Forest algorithm can be used for your…