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  • Hi Arun, The limitation is not with Excel itself, it is with the export from Oracle being configured to have a maximum row count. These could be changed in the config, however I have been advised on an SR that this is very rare due to the fact that it will get overwritten with patches/updates etc Thanks Neil
  • Your welcome, glad I could help. We had this issue in another Oracle system when exporting and thankfully it holds true here too.
  • Hi Aaron, Our analysis works with is null for this report, however it has been created through a data model. Can I ask what item you are performing the is null on? We have it on "IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS"."BANK_ACCOUNT_NUM_ELECTRONIC" However without the SQL it is hard to know exactly and the best avenue might be to make a…
  • Hi Robin, If you export the report as a Data - CSV file, you will have a higher limit of rows. I believe this is 65,000. However this method can lose some formatting and will be exported in the order you have the data in the criteria tab, rather than in the results tab. So you might have to make your criteria match your…
  • Hi Chris, Thanks for this reply, I had been told by Oracle support that the settings can't be changed but the export of CSV through an agent should use the CSV limit and not be cut off at a lower limit. However I believe your answer is correct. Do you know if there is any plans to match agent limits to the data type they…
  • I go between Oracles SQL Developer and Notepad++ however I have not managed to get the developer to link to the system. The format option works well on SQL Developer to restructure the text. This uses colours for key words and highlights a companion bracket when you select it.