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  • Hi Renuka, Thank you for the reply. i have tried it, but the problem is I have two separate rows Created date and Created time column, if its just the time i can just add up. As we are 11 hours ahead i don't know how we can just add it unless it pull directly from Opera cloud. If you see the attached screen shot the date…
  • Hi Arjun, Thank you Heaps for your help It worked. Much appreciated! Kind regards, Ashwik
  • Thank you Arjun and Gianni for your prompt response. I am Hotel manager who is using R&A which is linked to Opera cloud and i don't have acces to RPD or other Docs. I have been trying to do a custom formulae so i can get a new column using formule Case when Month = JAn then 1 but this also a error, can you please provide…