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  • Thank you very much, Aman Jain. We forgot to add the application roles when we create the new Data source for the BIP. Thank you so much. Manyam
  • will that be only with between Oracle BI Analysis Data Sets or any data set to Oracle BI Analysis and vice Versa. 
  • Hi Youssef, Thank you for the response. I tried Menu and I can see the search in the drop down. But that is not my requirement. I should be able to type in something in the text box and click the search button on the BI Publisher report. As per the documentation link, there is a search parameter type, but I could not find…
  • How do we capture or check the logs of the first report through a second agent? do we need to create a report to capture the logs or agent can directly capture the logs? can you please provide some info.
  • Sorry for not responding earlier. I got this fixed. There was some error in the loop and hence the end of the report did not render properly. Thank you very much
  • Thank you Thomas, I agree with you. But when I change the template name to report, it is showing as Report on the tab which does not have any meaning. Is there any other way? or it is the limitation on the tool?
  • Thank you for the response, I did resolve most of them into a snowflake. But there is one join i have to do as I said above which I did and did not throw any circular joins error. I thought it would pick up that join in the report, but it did not. Hence, my results are not correct. can you please suggest.
  • Hello, I was able to create the above model in the rpd. All joins are working except the join between table 1 and table 5 is not populating into the query. all other joins are populating working. I cleared the cache several times and logged off and logged in the system. That particular join is not coming in the query and…
  • Thank you Very much for the response and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please find the attached. I already have other physical tables and data models, but for my requirement, i need to update with the new columns and hence adding new tables. I have attached the screen shot. can you please suggest how to build…