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OBIEE 11g BI Scheduler issue with 12c Databse on Node1

Hello Everyone,

The initialization blocks in rpd fail when they try to connect and run queries on node1 of BI Server and given below error in nqserver.log

But these same initialization blocks run without issues when run on node 2 of BI Server.

We verified by shutting down node 2 and node 1 alternately and testing a BI scheduler report.

How can we debug why the DB connections from Node 1 of OracleBIServerComponent fails intermittently ?

As mentioned in the post details above this is a Windows based OBIEE 11g trying to connect to a PDB in Oracle 12c.

[2021-09-16T13:14:12.546+00:00] [OracleBIServerComponent] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: 0000Njij^QM4ykQyu^gskH1XGUuc000Ggq,0:1:1:6:6] [tid: 2dd4] [nQSError: 60009] The user request exceeded the maximum query governing execution time. [[

More details:

Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

OS Version 2012 R2

Oracle 12c DB

Any hints and clues would really help to find out what is going on with the BI Server component on node 1.

Thank you