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Unable to start OBIEE 12c configuration due to config.exe


I have installed OBIEE welogic infrastructure and OBIEE 12 installation. Now I am configuring OBIEE 12c , the issue is if I right click and run as Administrator then one cmd window open and closed but unable to start/open configuration window.

I have tried with cmd prompt to execute the config.exe here I got below message:


"Starting Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard for BIEE"

"Current Location : C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\"

"Installer Location : C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\oui\bin"

"ORACLE_HOME set as C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\.."

"BI_PRODUCT_HOME set as C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\bi"


'findstr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

"PATH set as %HAVA_HOME%\bin;C:\Users\opc\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps;"

"INSTALL_PROPERTIES C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\bi\..\oui\mw\bi\metadata\"

ECHO is off.

C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\oui\bin\launch.cmd -clone ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\.. -J-Doracle.config.mode=true\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\bi\..\oui\mw\bi\metadata\ -J-DSHIPHOME_STAGE_DIR="C:\app\oracle\fmw\bi\bin\..\..\bi\..\oui\mw\bi" -paramfile C:\Users\opc\AppData\Local\Temp\2\oraparam-ini-9869.tmp

I am not getting what is the issue . Could you please help me to resolve the same and start the configuration again.