Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 20C

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A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 20C.

New features

  • You can now write to the "Last Modified by CRM" system field for Contacts and Accounts. This enhancement enables developers of CRM integrations to indicate when a Contact and Account has been updated by CRM.

Application API

  • We've added new Application 2.0 API endpoints that enable you to manage Users. Along with managing Users, these new endpoints enable you to perform actions that are not available in 1.0 such as Enable or Disable a User and Update a User's Password. For more information, see the API Documentation.
  • We've added new API endpoints that enable you to manage Eloqua Security Groups. For more information, see the API documentation.

Recent changes

App Developer Framework

  • We've updated our retry strategy when Eloqua calls an App's Notification URL. Eloqua will now retry the Notification URL call over approximately an eight-hour period of time with a backoff strategy. See the product notice to learn more.
  • We've implemented new detailed status messaging for stuck records. The following new app member statuses have been added:
    • Awaiting app to process: App Service Settings Step Response is set to None
    • Authentication required - Reinstall app: App does not have a valid token
    • Invalid app configuration: App sets status to invalid
    • Eloqua notifying app: Eloqua is calling the app's Notification URL
    • Being processed by app: This status used to be Being processed by external service
    • Eloqua failed to notify app: All of Eloqua's calls to app's Notification URL have failed. Will be routed to error path.
    • Status Error set by Eloqua: There was an Eloqua error that was not related to an invalid definition. Will be routed to error path.
    • App notified successfully - Awaiting app to process: Eloqua received 200 level response to the Notification URL from the app (when Service Setting of Records per Notification is set to 0)
    • Status 'Error' set by app: App sets status to error. Will be routed to error path.
  • Apps can now set member statuses to "invalid", which will display "Invalid app configuration", and will not be routed to error path. "invalid" has been added as an available status to all applicable sync actions on the Sync actions page.
  • We've added new validation to ensure app service instances exist, and in cases where service instances do not exist, a validation error will be returned. This validation applies when creating or updating import and export definitions, creating syncs, and executing syncs.

Application API

  • The Contact Field endpoints no longer return the isPopulatedInOutlookPlugin property. See the product notice for more information.

Platform notices

  • With the arrival of Eloqua release 20D (Nov 2020), we will begin applying a new retention policy on Bulk API syncs, including sync logs and rejects, that are older than one year. This new retention policy will continue to be applied from 20D onwards. For more information, see the product notice.

Documentation enhancements of note

  • We've added a new topic that explains app statuses. See the Oracle Eloqua Help Center for a list of all the different status messages you can see related to app members moving through your campaigns and programs.

Additional information

For additional information and examples, refer to the Oracle Eloqua Developer Changelog.

To learn more about recent and upcoming Oracle Eloqua release rollouts, including rollout dates, user-facing features, and product notices, visit the Oracle Eloqua Release Center.

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