How to Fix a Broken Link after an Email Has Been Sent :: 4 Simple Steps

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Have you ever sent out a large email blast and then received email replies saying one of your links is broken?  YIKES!  It happens to the best of us.

Luckily, if you use redirect links in your Eloqua emails, you can repair a link after an email has been sent. Any future clicks on this link will magically work...even emails that have already been delivered! This method is super simple but can be a little scary if you're not comfortable with HTML.  Don't let the code scare you, though, especially since we won't be editing it at all.


When you insert hyperlinks into your emails, the Insert as Redirect Link box has to be checked, or this method won't work for you.


How to Update Your Link in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Open the source code of your email.  This can be done with the Edit Source button at the bottom of your email or with the Source Editor selection from the drop-down menu at the top your email. (The method depends on whether your email was setup using templates or imported as HTML.)

  2. Search for lid= in the HTML code next to the link you need to update.  Make note of the number after the equal sign. You'll need this!


    HTML newbies, don't be afraid! Just use Ctl+F in your browser to search for lid=, and then look for the human-readable text afterwards that matches the link text in your email.  You can do this!

  3. From the Get Started bar, select Tools & Content Components > Redirect Links. Then search for the number you found after lid= in the Start from Link ID (Optional) box. Select the magic carrot next to to the number and click Edit.


  4. Now, just enter in the correct URL in the Redirect URL field and click Save Redirect Link


Ta da!  Even though your email is already sitting in your recipients' inboxes,  all future clicks to this link will work - without some of them even  knowing it was broken in the first place. Yay!

Many thanks to Tarek in Customer Support for helping me figure this out. This method works for Eloqua 9...not sure about Eloqua 10.

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