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This post will cover a specific situation encountered when attempting to delete Eloqua accounts in bulk.

Default facts:

- If account linkage is set up, the unique identifier for accounts is the one set in the account linkage;

- if account linkage is NOT set up, the default identifier is CompanyName;

What scenario we will cover:

- Account linkage not set up (thus the default unique is Company Name), but our real unique and the one by which we want to delete is another account field, let's say a CompanyID.


- cannot delete based on a different identifier neither via the upload menu nor API, as the system takes CompanyName as default identifier.


1. Create an account group

Go to Audience/Tools/Account Groups and create new group to delete. In its top menu there is an Add Companies button. Select to add using Company Filter.

2. Create the filter

After going for the filter option at step 1 a window will pop up. Select Create New, name it, then add company fields(like CompanyID) by dragging them from one side to the other.

This is where you filter out and create your list of accounts to delete. Be very specific, the number will be confirmed at the bottom. The value for Total Number of Companies should reflect the number of accounts to be deleted.

Save and Close.

Make sure to select again the filter you just created and click continue.

3. Delete records

Review the list obtained. If it is ok then proceed to the top right menu of the account group and select Data Manipulation. Pick Delete Group Companies from Database.

I hope this helps,
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