The Importance of Customer Loyalty to your Brand

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CrowdTwist has recently conducted research into the drivers behind customer loyalty, the impact of loyalty programs, and how to increase customer engagement through personalized experiences. Here are some valuable takeaways.

There are three types of customer loyalties today: behavioural, rational, and emotional. Behavioural and rational loyalty are established through convenience and value respectively, but are not typically strong enough to hold a customer loyal to a brand. Emotional loyalty on the other hand, is built around emotional engagement and is where brands should lay their focus on.The research shows that 80% of customers with an emotional attachment to a brand will recommend said brand to family and friends. In addition, 70% are willing to spend up to two times more on brands they are loyal to.

Loyalty programs have proven to be an effective means of creating emotional loyalty between customers and brands. Of those surveyed, 62% said they would be impelled to purchase from one brand over another due to the presence a loyalty program. Loyalty programs add value by exchanging rewards and discounts for their customer’s loyalty of coming back. However, it is important to remember that the program still has to be relevant and should be personalized to each consumer’s preferences.

To learn more about the impact customer loyalty can have on your brand and how to attain it, have a read at the blogs below!

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