Addition of a New Sandbox Environment for US Data Center Clients

David Rosen-Oracle
David Rosen-Oracle Posts: 39 Employee

Originally shared January 22, 2020


CrowdTwist offers many clients access to a sandbox instance to support the launch and ongoing maintenance of their programs. As an improvement to the platform, CrowdTwist is adding an additional environment that will be used to support client sandboxes going forward. This new environment will be available only to sandbox instances and aim to further separate sandbox instances and client testing environments from their live programs.

What is changing:

CrowdTwist will be introducing this new environment to all clients with an existing sandbox within the US Data Center. Before the new environment is made available to clients, we will be copying over the existing sandboxes including any users, activities, redemptions, program configurations, standard integrations, API keys, client IDs, etc. in aims to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Any sandbox instance activity through January 31st, 2020 will be included in the scope of the switchover and automatically copied into the sandbox environment. This will be treated as the cut over date for sandbox instance activity to be automatically carried over to the sandbox environment and anything happening after this date will need to be recreated.

There is a minor change required from the clients that will need to take place before a client can fully cutover to the sandbox environment. This includes:

  • Updating all API requests to CrowdTwist to utilize the sandbox environment subdomain prefix “sb-“ (i.e. sb-api[client_id].crowdtwist.com or sb-pos[client_id].crowdtwist.com)

All requests made to the sandbox environment will need to include this prefix, in order to be successfully directed to the new sandbox environment.

In addition to the above, any active segments will need to be recreated in the new sandbox environment. Your client success team will work with you in order to identify these segments and copy them over to the new environment. Any links from these segments to activities, rewards, campaigns, or auto rewards will also need to be reestablished.

Feature Release Date: Week of February 10th, 2020*

* Note: clients are not required to make a change to the new sandbox environment immediately; this is to allow time to schedule any development efforts. However, there will not be any additional catch-up/delta migrations to copy over any activity that happens on the existing sandbox post the January 31st, 2020 cut over date.