CrowdTwist Platform: Updating CrowdTwist Cookies

David Rosen-Oracle
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Originally shared January 30, 2020

CrowdTwist Platform: Updating CrowdTwist Cookies

On February 4th, 2020, Google Chrome will be releasing an update that deprecates the use of any cookies containing the SameSite=None attribute (that does not contain the Secure attribute). To accommodate this update, CrowdTwist will be updating all cookies to include the Secure attribute to ensure cookies are properly set and users do not have an interruption in service.

What does this mean for CrowdTwist Cookies:

All CrowdTwist cookies will have the Secure attribute set when loaded from a secure page. In order to support a wide variety of browsers and versions, CrowdTwist will be setting each cookie twice – one with the SameSite attribute set and one without. This means that the same user will have two cookies with the same value but a different name and different attributes:

  • {environment}_ctuc_2_{client_id}: Secure = true, SameSite=None
  • {environment}_ctuc_ss_2_{client_id}: Secure = true, SameSite=Secure


  • "environment" is the data center from which your program is hosted, either “prod_prod” (US) or “de_de” (Germany)
  • "client_id" is the CrowdTwist Instance ID for your program

The following authenticated end-user cookies now have a “same site” variation:

  • ctuc: Used to populate CrowdTwist widgets
  • ctut: Used to track member actions and award via Javascript
  • ctlg: Manages a member’s language id within the program for serving widget content
  • ctnotif: Manages widget notifications (reset password, verified email, etc.)
  • ctjr: This cookie tracks a user who has just registered

What does this mean for you:

  • No updates will have to be made to existing programs. The transition should be seamless to all end users.
  • These changes will result in CrowdTwist losing the ability to track users on non-secure sites (i.e. sites that are not https://)

For more information from Chrome about the update:

Chrome 80 release date will be 2/4/2020 - https://www.chromestatus.com/features/schedule

CrowdTwist Employees: Update to CrowdTwist Email Addresses

With our Oracle transition almost fully complete, one of our final steps is to begin using our Oracle email addresses. Your Client Success Manager will be reaching out with a list containing the relevant contact information and the new email addresses to use. For now, any emails sent to our CrowdTwist emails will be forwarded to us, but please begin to familiarize yourself with our new email construct and use them moving forward.