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Originally submitted by Henri Kaukola: It would be neat to be able to use our company favicon in the hypersites and published form pages. In similar fashion, when customers use "view online version" of an email, favicon seems to be set to Eloqua.So, from branding and customer experience continuity point of view, being able to customize favicon would be a nice add-on.If this is already possible, just let me know how - couldn't find anything on Customer Central on this one.Thanks!

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  • yvonne.hourruitiner
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    I don't know how to add a favicon sitewide in your Eloqua instance, but I recently had a request from one of our internal clients and I reached out to one of our company website admins and she provided me the code to insert on your individual pages via the HTML editor. It worked great for me. Here's all you need to do:

    1. Upload the favicon file to Eloqua's Component Library under File Storage.
    2. Copy the URL and
    3. Place the following code into your head code, replacing the placeholder text, INSERT FAVICON URL HERE, with the favicon url you uploaded into Eloqua's file storage:   <link rel="shortcut icon" href="INSERT FAVICON URL HERE" type="image/x-icon" />

    I hope this helps!

  • Egan Cheung-Oracle
    Egan Cheung-Oracle Posts: 11 Gold Trophy

    Thanks for pointing out that tip, @yvonne.hourruitiner !  I'll mark this as "already offered", unless anyone wants to suggest that the above does not work for their particular scenario!

  • Sally Gurney
    Sally Gurney Posts: 12 Bronze Badge

    I would very much like to see a default setting option for individual microsites, or even the Eloqua instances as a whole.

    Failing that, here's how you can add them on individual pages using the new responsive builder:

  • Shivangi_Awasthi
    Shivangi_Awasthi Posts: 32 Silver Badge

    Can we do it instance wide now?

  • eMoneyBob
    eMoneyBob Posts: 0 Green Ribbon

    This solution does not work with Chrome browser, as the favicon is showing the default favicon.

    Firefox browser is showing the favicon set via this process though.

    Is there an updated process for adding favicon sitewide or to pages individually?

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