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Send Insight reports over sFTP, REST or other more secure method, rather than email. — oracle-topliners


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Send Insight reports over sFTP, REST or other more secure method, rather than email.

RichardGarRichardGar Posts: 22 Blue Ribbon
edited January 2017 in Dream It


I would like the ability to send reports from Insight (OBIEE) via sFTP, REST API or similar method. Currently sending via email is not considered secure enough by the business.


We are currently scheduling weekly reports that contains sensitive data. We send excel files secured with password. We would like to send more securely due to pressures from IT and Legal teams. Currently this is treated as acceptable and a temporary measure until a more permanent and secure solution can be found.

The users that receive the reports often do not have access to Eloqua. This means that dashboards and reports that could normally be accessed securely from within the system are not available.


We would like to see functionality that can export both standard and custom reports and dashboards more securely via sFTP rather than just via an email attached. Also API access or similar method would also be acceptable. I understand that OBIEE has a publisher tool that appears to support this technology. Similar functionality would be useful.

Impact of implementing

- More secure data transfer.

- Improve the file size of reports so we can use more advanced capabilities.

- Drive adoption of Eloqua reporting as more reporting can be provided.

Impact of not implementing

IT and Legal teams might push business to use alternative platforms that can perform this. Or export via sFTP and use other analytics platforms to run and send analysis. Therefore there is no need for an Insight license.

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  • James SoloJames Solo Posts: 14 Bronze Badge

    Another use case is for automated data warehouse consumption

    1. Build report in OBIEE with some form of transformed data and/or fields that only exist in OBIEE (e.g., visitor profile fields, closed-loop reporting fields, etc...)

    2. Schedule (e.g., user specified; every 4 hours) report to export file to sFTP

    3. File is consumed by data warehouse import process

    There are still many data sources that are not exposed via the BULK 2.0 API (external activities, campaign, visitor, campaign membership) that has caused a gap for users wanting to export all Eloqua data efficiently.  Using the REST API is not efficient for accessing these data sources if there is significant volume.

  • Ken LagueKen Lague Posts: 50 Blue Ribbon

    I voted this up.  Exporting raw data from Eloqua objects via the API won't provide the summary data we see in OBIEE Insight reports.  This seems all the more important as privacy and security concerns continue to accelerate in the marketplace.

  • Mateusz DabrowskiMateusz Dabrowski Posts: 16 Red Ribbon

    Definitely, REST/BULK API's similar to the ones for Eloqua itself would be great for automation of processes.

  • N1kk1 VaughnN1kk1 Vaughn Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    This is desperately needed functionality, and only becomes increasingly necessary as the years and data security requirements progress. I've had countless clients need this capability as they are unable to get all of the data they need via the API and emails with attachments aren't secure and are cumbersome to manage.

  • Steve-TSteve-T Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

    How this functionality is not available is beyond me. Please look into this Oracle!

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