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Recovery of Assets in Eloqua

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edited Apr 20, 2017 6:01AM in Dream It

Dear team,

I would like to pass onto you the following feedback regarding Eloqua:

1. It would be really useful if there was a recycle bin or trash bin that captures assets which are accidentally deleted from an Eloqua instance.

REASON - Sometimes Eloqua can be sticky and emails can be deleted by mistake, like in any system. Most systems have a way of capturing items that are deleted by mistake and so therefore this would be a useful tool.

2. Having a functionality that prevents multiple users from opening an asset at the same time, or failing that, having a notification against an asset of who is working on it would be useful.

REASON - We have found that one user could make many changes to an email, for example, and if another user opens the email and does not make changes, but saves it after then the latest version will lose the changes which have been made. This is a big problem especially as we have users in multiple sites across Europe, and I assist the users when they have issues. If I open an email and they have not closed it and then fix the issue, but they save their after I have then my fixes are lost. We do our best to check with each other, but this is not convenient when the other use is away from their desk in a meeting.

Our Eloqua instance is OkiEuropeLimited and please contact me at [email protected] if you have any queries on the above.

Kind regards,


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