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The Eloqua Lead Scoring Model needs the ability to set negative values for profile and engagement components. For example, if someone unsubscribes in Eloqua you could set that to drop the engagement score by 50%. Or if someone indicates that they are a student you could drop their profile score by 25%.

I've observed that if you aren't careful, people who try to disengage with you (clicking unsubscribe links in emails, unsubscribing through preference forms, visiting preference center webpages) get scored HIGHER. The ability to set negative values in your model would counter this, and make the scoring model feature much more powerful and accurate at scoring leads.


P.S. I searched to see if this idea already existed, and did not find it. If it does, let me know and I'll delete this one and upvote the other!

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  • Hey Jason that is definitely an interesting suggestion. One thing that we've done to solve this is create folders where specific assets do not affect someone's lead score. An example being the first 2 folders we have for our forms are:

    1. Forms included in lead score model
    2. Forms excluded from lead score model

    This way anyone who unsubscribes or fills out a form that would negatively affect their engagement is not counted towards their lead score. You'd have to adjust your lead score models to only include forms in and under the folder you want to be scored, but it completely solved this issue for myself.

  • brianjwbrianjw Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

    We need the ability to use negative lead scoring as well. HubSpot is able to do this out of the box. We'd like the ability to subtract lead score if the contact unsubscribed, if their email has returned bouncebacks, or if they are located in regions that we don't do business in. Thanks.

  • CoreyLCoreyL Posts: 10 Red Ribbon

    We were able to do this in Adobe Campaign and it worked well.

  • Bump.  Any updates on adding this in as a out of the box feature?

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