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Click Map Dashboard

zweiler Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon
edited Feb 21, 2019 6:38AM in Dream It

Dear All,

The new "Click Map Dashboard" has replaced the "Visual Clickthrough Overview", but it´s still only visible within the Eloqua instance. I´m dreaming of a graph to be exported per jpg or pdf to share it easier with our clients.

Does anybody else have the same need? If yes, please vote. :-)

Kind regards,


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  • Jill R Henry
    Jill R Henry Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    Eloqua is the first Marketing Automation platform (or ESP for that matter) I've ever used that didn't have the ability to export the heat map. This is a powerful reporting component to use when helping redesign emails to show which components in the content resonate with the audience. Even if the export wasn't interactive (e.g. hover over the bubble to see the details) just the visual with the high-level percentages of clicks would be better than nothing.