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Prateek Malik
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We at Keysight would like to see an enhancement on the YouTube embedded cloud app functionality in Email Assets in Eloqua.

While configuring the YouTube embedded cloud video link in the email, We see that there is NO Option for Video Playback Configuration like we have in Landing Pages. Also, when we pull test emails then it shows just an image which when clicked opens the YouTube link of the embedded video. It is no different than configuring a link on an Image in case of an email.

We have seen getting personal emails from different companies where the Video is auto played on the email itself. Similarly, we should have an option to configure the video playback options on the email asset as well in order to provide a better customer experience for emails sent from Eloqua.

If this feature cannot be added soon then at least we hope to get an additional option of configuring from Image -to- 'Auto-Play' so that Play Button is visible on the Image.


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Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you would like to see in our product. While we have decided not to move forward with this idea as this would be a deliverability risk, we welcome any future ideas you may have.