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Important: We are introducing a more reliable way to use the GoToWebinar app by leveraging client specific connected app. This requires customers to add their own connected app credentials in the application configuration for GoToWebinar App by 31
st Dec 2018. The current configuration without Connected app would no longer be supported after 31st December 2018 which may result in disruption of services.


GoToWebinar app requires a connected app for the integration. Currently, Oracle Eloqua uses a global configuration for accessing the integration which sometimes results in limit errors and integration not working as expected. We have already made an enhancement to give the ability to add site specific GoToWebinar connected app. To make the integration more reliable, we require all sites to use their own connected app going forward.

All customers are required to add their own GoToWebinar connectedapp credentials in the application configuration for normal services to work as expected.

What’s Changing

The GoToWebinar app uses a connected app for the integration. Currently, if you do not have your own app credentials in the Application Configuration, it leverages Oracle Eloqua’s default connected app. We are advising customers to use their own site specific GoToWebinar connected App in Oracle Eloqua’s application configuration for GoToWebinar.

The site specific Connected app for GoToWebinar applications provides customers more handle on the rate limits, since they can directly work with GoToWebinar teams to increase them as required.

Next Steps

As a next step, to make the integration more reliable, we are advising customers have their own site specific connected app.

Step 1: Create site specific connected app, working with your GoToWebinar representatives as required. Here is the support link to refer that. For additional information, refer to GoToWebinar's documentation.

Step 2: Add the newly created connected App into the application config of the GoToWebinar Application before 31st December 2018. For additional information, refer to our documentation.


Q: Why do I need to add the Connected App, my Integration is working fine?

A: Adding a site specific connected app makes the integration more reliable, as rate limits are not shared across sites. Customers also have an added benefit of increasing their limits based on their usage. Simply stating, this will minimize rate limit errors.

Q: What happens if I do not add Connected App by 31st December 2018?
A: If the site specific connected app is not configured by December 31st, 2018, the GoToWebinar services will stop working for that site.

Q: How do you create a connected App for GoToWebinar?

A: Refer to GoToWebinar's documentation.

Q: How do I add the connected App inside the App Configuration?

A: Refer to our Oracle Eloqua Help Center.

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