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Hello everyone,

for the past few days I'm having a battle with prepopulating an Eloqua form in an external website. Documentation I followed is simple and user friendly, but somehow the form is still not being prepopulated.

My website is whitelisted in Eloqua and tracking test is flawless.

These were my steps in creating an external form prepopulation:

1. Embedding a form in an External Website  (https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/Help/Forms/Tasks/EmbeddingFormInWebPage.htm)

2. Creating an Email with a link to my website

3. Creating a Web Data Lookup


    Also, I have tried with the Restricted checkbox off, but it still wasn't prepopulated.

4. Generating Form Auto-Population and Integration scripts


  Both scripts were placed inside the HTML's <head> just below the Tracking script. According to the documentation I followed, these steps would be enough to prepopulate an external form, but apparently they are not.

  When I enter my Email Adddress inside the Integration Script above and open the link through an email, the form is being populated with my Eloqua data, but, obviously, I can not do this for each of my contacts individually.

  I need a code inside an HTML to recognize a contact based on his EmailAddress/Cookie and automatically prepopulate a form with his data after clicking a link inside an email.

  While creating a Web Data Lookup, I have noticed that I can choose Data Lookup Type which contains Visitors option based on a CookieGUID.

  My question is do I have to combine both Contacts and Visitors Lookups and scripts to recognize a contact and prepopulate a form with his data (Cookie -> EmailAdrress -> Contact data -> Form Prepopulation)?

  Is custom JavaScript required?

  Thank you in advance!

  Best regards,

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