Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey

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DIY Marketing Success

Use the resources in this document as an action plan to map content to the buyer's journey within your organization.

Here's a quick overview on how to use this document:



Learn about content mapping by reviewing guides, videos, customer success stores, and OMC Academy courses.

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Use the Boost Series Plan Builder to create a custom plan for your organization.



Implement your plan using the templates and tools in the step-by-step checklist.



Take your plan a step further by exploring related products and services.



If you get stuck, find answers to your questions through one of many support channels

More DIY Topics

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Review these resources to get a better understanding of content mapping

Read some customer success stories

Learn more about this topic

Participate in web or hands-on training

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Create a custom content mapping plan for your organization

The Boost Series Plan Builders are web-based automated tools that help you follow best practices when creating a plan for your organization.

You will be guided through interactive learning tools and brainstorming exercises that help you identify your best course of action. Then, download your plan and take it back to your organization to gather input, fill in the gaps, and collect buy-in.

Be prepared to set aside 45-60 minutes to create your plan. And don't forget to opt in to follow up emails at the end to keep you on track with your plan.

Launch Plan Builder

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Follow this step-by-step checklist to implement your content mapping plan

  1. Understand your buyer's journey. Use the Buyer's Journey Worksheet to see an example of a buyer's journey and to document the buyer's journey for your own organization.
  2. Research and document your buyer personas. Collect data on your customers to find out what they want. Start documenting your personas using the Buyer Persona Worksheet (B2B) or Buyer Persona Worksheet (B2C).
  3. Audit your existing content. Use the Content Inventory and Mapping Worksheet to keep track of your content assets.
  4. Map your content. See the Content Grid Example to understand why different content types are relevant at different stages of the buyer's journey.
  5. Create or refresh your content. For ideas and inspiration, check out the Oracle Marketing Cloud 7th Annual LookBook.
  6. Distribute your content through your marketing campaigns. If you use Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing, see how to automate this task using the Dynamic Content app.
  7. Regularly report on your data using either Oracle Eloqua Insight or Oracle Responsys Insight.
  8. Share your success with your Customer Success Manager and in the Topliners Community.
  9. Begin developing your next strategic initiative by exploring the Boost Series Plan Builders, or talk to your Customer Success Manager about a Success Plan.
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Consider related products and services to take your plan a step further

Related products and services

  • Learn how Oracle Content Marketing can help you manage and track your content according to your personas and your buyer's journey by creating a better content workflow.
  • Explore the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to find Apps that extend your OMC investment from Oracle Marketing AppCloud Partners, such as:
  • Oracle's Marketing Calendar shows you a schedule of all your active marketing campaigns integrated with Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing.
  • Oracle's Dynamic Cloud Content lets you insert content from Oracle Content Marketing into emails and landing pages from Oracle Eloqua based on specific audiences.
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Find answers to technical questions or talk to someone who can help

Technical support

  • Search for solutions, access support tools, and create a service request using MyOracle Support (Oracle SSO required).
  • Learn about new features, access user documentation, and watch help center videos in Oracle Marketing Cloud Docs.
  • Ask a question to the community in the Do It or Code It sections of Topliners.
Strategic support
  • Share your plan with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and talk about your strategy. Your CSM will help keep your plan on track and suggest what steps you should take next.
  • Ask a question to the community in the Imagine It or See It sections of Topliners.
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