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Clearer identification of production and sandbox

Gary Aspinall
Gary Aspinall Posts: 32 Bronze Badge
edited December 2020 in Dream It


Since the new UI went live the background colour of the to bar in sandboxes is only slightly different from production, before the sandbox was bright blue so it could not be mistaken as being a sandbox.

I think we need clearer identification that were in a sandbox and not production, it's too easy to be in both and accidentally make changes in the wrong instance.

My suggestion is to either:

A. Change the colour of the Sandbox bar to something more obvious

B. Within a users profile section allow them to check a box that says display instance name which makes it prominent on ALL pages (a slim bar across the very top for example)

C. Within the company defaults section allow admins to choose a profile name background colour so we can set Production to something like Red and a Sandbox to Green


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  • JodyMooney-Oracle
    JodyMooney-Oracle Group PM, CX Marketing - Eloqua Posts: 270 Employee

    Hi @Gary Aspinall - we're aware the changes with 20D made it much harder to tell if you were in a sandbox or a production environment. Happy to report that this is being resolved and should be live around 21A release (Feb 2021).


    Group Product Manager, CX - Marketing: Eloqua

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