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Kristine Lubeck-Oracle
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In the Salesforce.com Integration App we need the ability to push to more than one CRM system for response rules create/update Campaign Membership. Right now when you choose Program Canvas and the Salesforce.com Integration App, then Salesforce Campaign Response Integration you have to pick one call. The ideal would be to have all the calls in the app under the campaign response action that are active (with filter IDs) run instead of selecting just one call that can run. This would allow customer to use the response rules with more than one CRM system.

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  • CDO-based integration can allow you to do anything you want with near-infinite flexibility including sending things like "notes" large text fields to campaign members (with custom large text fields in SFDC). You can have responses by campaign type, you can determine MCL/MQL based on the response itself as well as the highest response by contact by campaign, you can output error texts into a "faults" field (or whatever you want to call it) to help diagnose any errors and then include these into Insights dashboards so you can review them and action on them. Oh and yes, you can have simultaneous production and sanbox process running or any number (no limit) of parallel CRM systems. A campaign member in one with one method can be routed also into another CRM even if the rules for that are different. And so much more. The out of box campaign association of both Eloqua and Marketo (and others) is rather quite limiting. Yes there's a huge (complexity) gap between the out-of-box solution and CDO-based integration, but I very much want to advocate for how flexible, powerful and reliable CDO-based integration can be (speaking from personal experience from multiple companies).