Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 21A

Lou Patrick
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A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 21A:

New features

Application API

  • We've added a new endpoint that enables you to retrieve spam form submissions. A successful response will return a list of all spam form submissions for the form. This endpoint is released under our Controlled Availability program. Please contact your account representative for more information. For more information about the endpoint, see the API Reference.

Bulk API

  • We've added a new campaign response field {{CampaignResponse.AddedAt}}. This new field enables you to determine the date and time campaign responses were added to your Eloqua database, when creating campaign response export definitions. The Bulk API Campaign Response export will now use AddedAt instead of CreatedAt when enforcing the 30 day limit of campaign responses you can retrieve.

Recent changes

Application API

  • Validation has been added to the Application API endpoint to Update a contact field to disallow changing a contact field from Text box, Check box, or Single-select list to a Multi-select list.

App Developer Framework

  • The status message "Eloqua configuration error – Manage Data Export Permission" has been updated to allow the app to set this status. App developers can set this status for Action and Decision services using sync actions or export filters. Previously this could only be set by Eloqua if records were set to be returned in the Notify call. See the Oracle Eloqua Help Center for a list of all the different status messages you can see related to app members moving through your campaigns and programs.
  • We have improved the App Developer Notification call, by adding a retry strategy to cover a wider variety of failures that can occur with sending notification calls.

Documentation enhancements of note

Additional Information

For additional information and examples, refer to the Oracle Eloqua Developer Changelog.

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