Use contact's salesperson field to retrieve salesperson details and merge them in email templates

Jarete Arroyo
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We are attempting to use salesperson field in contact object to retrieve user information of the salesperson users (as full name, phone number, email, address...) and merge them into email templates as merge (fusion) fields. Support told us that this is not achievable from a standard way: users appearently are not related to contacts by the salesperson field, and users fields are not accessible to be exposed as merge field in emails.

We also tried creating a CDO (Sales Resources) related with each contact Salesperson Id but, since the available CDO-contact relationships are 1:1 or 1:n, we can't relate each user (CDO) with many contacts, so we would have to create a record for each user-contact.

We need an easy way to add to an email template details from the salesperson assigned to a contact.

Does it exist a standard workaround? ?

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  • derek.bell
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    Hi JareteArroyo - Perhaps I've misunderstood what you're trying to do, however we use the integration between Eloqua and our (and many clients do also) CRM to bring in the following Salesperson details from the CRM "Owner" profile:

    First Name

    Last Name

    Email Address

    Mobile Phone

    We take the First Name Last name and add that to the Eloqua System field called Salesperson. We've then created custom fields in Eloqua called:

    Salesperson Email Address

    Salesperson Mobile Phone

    These values are associated to all Eloqua Contacts with the CRM being the Source of Truth around who "owns" a CRM Lead, CRM Contact or CRM Account.

    There's no need for CDO's to achieve this.

    If you need a hand - contact us at www.marketingcube.com.au. We're an Oracle Eloqua partner.

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