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Sales managers in CC

User_YKRBR Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We would to email our customers' database, and we would like to put on each of the customers' emails his relevant sales manager in CC - automatically/dynamically off course.

 Let's say customer A relates to sales manager AAA and customer B relates to sales manager BBB.

  I want to send an email (one email), that puts the relevant sales manager in cc with his customers.

 Customer A will see the email with his AAA manager in CC.

 Customer B will see the email with his BBB manager in CC.

 We want to receive a higher level of transparency from the customer's view.

 We have many sales managers, so I can't create a different email for each one of them.

Please promote this ASAP!

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  • derek.bell
    derek.bell Posts: 59 Silver Badge

    Hello User_YKRBR,

    Can I assume you're sending one email to a Segment and using a Signature Rule to include the relevant Sales Manager's details for each Contact?

    Could you not just have a second Segment on the Canvas with your Sales Managers so they get the email at the same time? If you c.c.'d the sales managers on each email, they could get thousands of emails. I'm sure that's not what you're after.

    We call this second segment a "seed list" and we have the sales team in the Seed List and use it whenever an email is being sent that will come "from" them to their contacts. If you have a CRM integration, everyone sent the email will be a CRM Campaign Member and that's recorded against each Lead or Contact.

    The Sales Managers could access Profiler from within the CRM or on their smartphone and see if key clients have opened the email.

    Is that kind of what you mean?