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I have two customers using Eloqua today offering online and in person events & webinars.

As the world comes out of lockdown both are looking to segment contacts as potential leads for in person event vs. a virtual event dependent on event type and past experience and proximity to event e.g. leads less likely to travel post-pandemic.

They both collect attendance history and location data today via Data Tools but does Eloqua or any partner offer the ability geotag or AI on likelihood to attend an event in person vs virtually. Users could be virtual or in-person only or a combination dependent on event. Could this be completed via multiple lead-scoring or Advanced Intelligence?

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    Multiple lead scoring models could have totally different engagement and profile criteria. Although a model scores all contacts, the top contacts in one model will be totally different from the top contacts in a different model, it all depends on criteria. These scores can be used directly in segmentation.

    A custom object to store event data could help too.


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