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Can we add some "style" to the GoToWebinar Cloud app for the Email Design Editor?

derek.bell Posts: 67 Silver Medal

The current Cloud Content App that allows you to add the Join Meeting URL for GoToWebinar is functionally easy to use, very cool. However, it looks horrible and has no ability to be styled.

This is as good as it gets:

You can see from the Email Design Editor screen shot below, the only option is to add some padding. Sure you could add a three column Layout piece and have the "Join the Webinar" in the centre. You can't adjust the font size, you can't center it, make it bold, change the font or load the URL behind a button.

If you decide you'd like to load the URL behind a button, you have to code that. It would make more sense if non-coding Eloqua users could assign an on-brand colour to a button with all of the usual benefits of the Design Editor when it comes to buttons.

At the moment you can't field merge a URL into a button (without using the app or custom code) because Eloqua insists on adding https:// in front of the URL you're merging.

So, for example, a GoToWebinar Join Meeting URL would look like this:


My Oracle Support says the above is "expected behaviour". Seriously! "Expected to fail"!

After laughing at that response, I decided to add this Dream It suggestion.

In Summary:

  1. Improve the GoToWebinar Cloud Content App in the Design Editor so you can add the Join Meeting URL behind a button and add the usual styling options.
  2. Possibly linked to the above, but generally would be VERY helpful, remove the default addition of https:// when a URL is merged into a piece of content e.g. a button.

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