Eloqua Release 21B Customer Release Briefing and New Feature Summary Available

Lou Patrick
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Visit the Oracle Eloqua 21B Release: Customer Release Information page for an on-demand briefing and a complete list of all of the features included in the 21B Release.

Here is an extract of all the Developer Updates:


CampaignId has been added as a URLtemplate parameter to the Content Service Landing Page Notification URL. CampaignId will be populated with the elqCampaignId query parameter.


The following changes have been made to the Application API:

  • The default depth for the Application API Retrieve batch form submission details endpoints has been changed to minimal (previously, the default depth was complete):
    • Retrieve batch form submission details by batchCorrelationId
    • Retrieve batch form submission details by batchId
  • A validation error has been added for the Custom Object endpoints so that an error is returned if the same field is included more than once.
  • Updated a value for custom field which is set to uniqueCode on Custom Object will now assign value to uniqueCode for the Custom Object record.

With the arrival of the Eloqua 21C update, asynchronous form processing via API will be available for the Create form data for a single form endpoints. This feature can be enabled for Early Preview with the Eloqua 21B update.


The following changes have been made to the Bulk API:

  • Emails sent from the Outlook Plugin are now set to OutlookPlugin EmailSend Type in Bulk API activity exports.
  • Bulk API dependencies now appear when there is a Bulk API event definition.
  • Added an improved retry strategy to cover a wider variety of failures that can occur during Bulk API export.