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One of our partners wants to send out an email to a list of 60,00 that includes a unique URL in each email. They will provide a CSV will these unique URLs assigned to each contact. Ideally, the link will be pulled in on hypertext in the email. I've been trying to figure out how to do this by using a Field Merge and it just pulls up the URL on the live email. Is there any way to override the text on a field merge but still have the link pulled from the CDO?

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  • Hi,

    The Field Merge should work as expected if you place it in the code, within the <a> tag similar to this:

    <a href="<span class=eloquaemail >FieldMergeName</span>"/>TEXT or FieldMergeName</a>

    Alternatively, if the base URL is the same for all links, you could try to place that part statically inside the <a> tag and the rest of the URL will be dynamically populated by the Field Merge using the data stored in the CDO, similar to this:

    <a href="staticUrlDotCom/<span class=eloquaemail >FieldMergeName</span>"/>TEXT or FieldMergeName</a>

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    Constantin Gutic

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