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Hi, I am going through WebEx integration documentation and it reads: "It takes WebEx 48-72 hours to make attendance data available. Place a Wait step before the attendance decision to hold contacts for 72 hours."

Is this really (still) the case? Or is documentation outdated? Can't find anything about this ...



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    Hi Mike

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    I see support team responded to your request and enhancement request has now been accepted. Please keep an eye on our Release Portal for the latest product updates.

    Meanwhile, you can explore "Upload External Activity" section within Eloqua to send an email to all those that attended a webex meeting within one day after the event. Steps to create the external activities can be found here.

    Further, you may also wish to continue the discussion and share any further ideas regarding new product features on our Topliners 'Dream It' section. We have passionate Eloqua users sharing new ideas every day.



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