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Need a feature to copy the contacts that we search

KP Rangaprasad
KP Rangaprasad Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

Hi All,

In Eloqua --> Audience --> Contacts, When we search a contact, Exact matches or similar matches are shown. In case if we want to copy the email address/IDs/other fields, We are not able to copy it directly.

We have few ways to copy it, Like by opening and searching the required fields or whith Chrome's developer tools, We will be able to copy it. So it would be great if we can directly copy the values from this interface as it will be very easy for business users.

Same issues exists when we view the contacts in our segments. It would be great if we can copy the values directly in the interface as it will be handy for us to copy if we need only 1/2 field/email values. Otherwise, I need to export it, download from email and use the field for getting the details.

So, I am placing this request to copy/paste the contacts details directly that we view.

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