Please make App Action Steps a different colour so that it is easier to locate step

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A simple UI change can help us troubleshoot canvases faster - I would like to propose that App Action Steps be put into a different category and colour from the other Action Steps. eg Form Submit step

From Settings - AppCloud Catalog, we can get see which apps are being used in which canvases. However, once we get into that particular canvas, the app step can be lost in a sea of other steps.

Ctrl F does not allow us to search any keyword on the canvas.

Having the app steps in a different colour allows us to zoom out and scan the canvas for app steps with a blue box (indicating stuck contacts) so that we can get down to troubleshooting instead of hunting for it.

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Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you would like to see in our product. While we have decided not to move forward with this idea submission at this point in time, we welcome any future ideas you may have.