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Please make App Action Steps a different colour so that it is easier to locate step

James Teng-Oracle
James Teng-Oracle Posts: 32 Employee
edited Jun 18, 2021 3:59AM in Dream It

A simple UI change can help us troubleshoot canvases faster - I would like to propose that App Action Steps be put into a different category and colour from the other Action Steps. eg Form Submit step

From Settings - AppCloud Catalog, we can get see which apps are being used in which canvases. However, once we get into that particular canvas, the app step can be lost in a sea of other steps.

Ctrl F does not allow us to search any keyword on the canvas.

Having the app steps in a different colour allows us to zoom out and scan the canvas for app steps with a blue box (indicating stuck contacts) so that we can get down to troubleshooting instead of hunting for it.

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