2-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication & Eloqua/Responsys

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We are being approached by a number of Eloqua clients asking how to turn on MFA/2FA for Eloqua. For many Eloqua clients using Salesforce CRM, they've been bombarded over the past 6+ months with a push to enable MFA on their Salesforce instance. It's a simple enough process, it's free and it works quite easily.

The logical next step for these organisations is to do the same with Eloqua. However, as far as I'm aware that's not an option today. The client expectation, largely driven by Salesforce, is that it will be free and core to the product.

In the current world of IT Security etc etc, does Oracle have plans to enable a MFA/2FA for Eloqua, Responsys etc etc?

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Our team has already reviewed the idea but needs more research to take it further. Thanks