Anyone else's imports via SFDC app dropped drastically in recent days?

Matthew Phillip
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I was running reports for our previous month's email performance and I noticed that our email sends were really low. In checking the SFDC app the number of imports is all over the place but far below what the number normally is.

For example one of our campaigns that supports a large partner hasn't had a contact meet the segment criteria in 8 days. The segment has two criteria, so it isn't complex. The segment hasn't been edited in months so I'm not sure why contacts aren't meeting the segment criteria/entering the campaign. Any thoughts or ideas?

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  • jessenobbe
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    Hi Matthew,

    I think the first place to start would be with your SFDC. Have there been any changes there recently? Have any changes been made to the integration's import filters recently? Do you think you could find some records in SFDC that should be in Eloqua but are not?

    I see your post was from earlier in July, I hope you were able to get it sorted out!