Multiple tags in campaign fields

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Is there a possibility to use campaign fields such as "Product" field similar to a tags filed in the screenshot below. The idea is

  • to select combination of tags in one field (say from a list of 20) rather than create many custom fields ( say 4-5 fields & 4-5 selection options) and have separate list for each field
  • to use any of the selected tag for campaign reporting (in the insight section), or a combination of these tags to filter the report metrics



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  • Hi, Eloqua doesn't have the concept of tagging. I think the only way you could do this would be as you mentioned, custom campaign fields. Campaign fields can be picklists and mult-select lists, so that might be useful based on your images above. After you have those defined and setup, you're right to be thinking of using them in a reporting scenario.

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    Hi Alexa,

    Thanks for taking time and sharing the solution. Yes, our automation partner also recommended the same way by creating a picklist & multi select custom field.

    For reporting we have added a prompt using the newly created campaign field. Then we manually added the list of tags in our picklist. PFB: screenshot. Let me know if you think there is an easy way / custom sql query to directly link with the picklist we created for the reporting tag custom field.

    thanks again