Eloqua Release 21C Customer Release Briefing and New Feature Summary Available

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Visit the Oracle Eloqua 21C Release: Customer Release Information page for an on-demand briefing and a complete list of all of the features included in the 21C Release.

Here is an extract of all the Developer Updates:


  • Notification Call Improvement: When there is no response to the Notification URL call from the App, Eloqua will now retry the Notification URL call over approximately an eight-hour period of time instead of failing after one attempt.
  • Content Service Improvement: Eloqua will now set records to error as soon as errors occur, instead of waiting 24 hours.


Asynchronous Form Processing via API is now enabled for the Create form data a single form endpoints.


  • Import Improvement: When the External Id, e.g. ContactIDExt, is used as the identifier field, the Bulk API will extract and match on the indexed ID.
  • Export Improvement: Adding an improved retry strategy to cover a wider variety of failures that can occur during Bulk API exports.
  • Encoded Surrogate Pairs: The Bulk API will now accept encoded surrogate pairs, e.g. \uD83D\uDE03. UPDATE August 27, 2021: This feature will no longer be included in 21C.


More detailed 401 responses are now available when authenticating with OAuth 2.0:

  • For the https://login.eloqua.com/auth/oauth2/token endpoint, for the status of 401 Unauthorized the response body will now include the following:
    • error: the name of the error type
    • error_code: the numeric value uniquely identifying the type of error
    • error_description: provides details on the error
  • Errors have been divided into categories indicated by the 1000s digit of the error_code according to the following:
    • General Error Messages - 1000
    • Error Messages Related to Authentication - 2000
    • Error Messages Related to OAuth2 Authentication - 2500
    • Error Messages Related to Authorization - 3000
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