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The Free Marker Java templating language that Responsys RPL is based/built on supports a built-in for ?then which works similarly to a ternary expression (shorthand if/else).

The ?string built-in works this way already as well, except that the ?string built-in always evaluates to a string, whereas ?then can return any data-type. For example:

// already supported
someCondition?string("whenTrue", "whenFalse") // works fine
someCondition?string(1, 2) // throws an error, requires ?then

// not yet supported
someCondition?then(1, 2) // works fine in Free Marker

I propose adding native support for ?then within Oracle Responsys RPL.

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  • Sachin Jain-Oracle
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    Hi @Brandon McConnell - PRB

    Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you would like to see in our product.

    Product management team have reviewed the idea and suggested please raise a support ticket and they can evaluate these requests via the normal process.

    Again, we thank you for your time and welcome any suggestions.

    Thank you

    Sachin Jain

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