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Support for Globally Scoped Resources in Responsys

Add support for built-in methods and directives (<#if>, <#macro>, etc.) in a scope globally accessible to email templates and campaigns in Responsys.

These global resources would be configurable in the account settings, so that they do not need to be included in each campaign template as an <#include>.

Any functions or directives added here would be immediately available for global use across any template, thereby allowing customers to further extend what their Responsys foundation is capable of before the first line of code in any template begins. These global resources could either be a single line input for BEFORE and AFTER where the user could link files from their Content Library, or even more flexibly, include a code editor with RPL support, so custom code can be added right within that field in the settings, and if any additional files need to be included, the developer can include those using an <#include> within the global code editor rather than including those files within each individual email campaign file itself.

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