Centrally block multi step campaign email sendings during (public) holidays

Simon Kaufmann
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Whenever we have a public holiday, bank holidays or a period of time where we don't want to send out emails (for example in between christmas and new years eve ) we need to deactivate all running multi step campaigns manually. As we have a lot of nurturing and other campaigns running in parallel, this is every time a huge manual effort and error-prone.

Potential Solution

We would like to have a centrally managed calendar/list of dates where we could define on which dates multistep campaigns should (optional) not send out emails.

Within the "Scheduling tab" of the "email send campaign step" we would like to have an option where we could decide if the emails should get blocked based on the holiday list:

An even more sophisticated solution would be a drop-down next to the checkbox where you could choose your holiday list. This would make sense for customers having campaigns running in different countries with different holiday lists.

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  • Macdara-Oracle
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    Great idea, I have a UK customer looking for this exact feature.

  • gvikas-Oracle
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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for sharing it with us. Interesting idea, but not currently under consideration on the roadmap. There are many questions that arise when contemplating this topic including which holidays would the system reflect? There are tons globally. Is it the user's holiday or the recipients? Would the email be suppressed or delayed?


  • Simon Kaufmann
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    I'm not really sure if you complely understood my idea:

    There are tons globally.

    As mentioned in the my initial comment the holidays would be manged in a central list which the marketing team is able to maintain/update induvidually. There is no "global list". In a more sophisticated solution (see comment) i could think of different lists for each country in which Eloqua Clients are active in more then one country. The holiday are not send by Oracle, they are set induvidually by the User/Marketing Managers.

    Is it the user's holiday or the recipients?

    I dont know exactly what you mean with this question. Its about days/dates we don't want to send out emails (usally when recepients are not working) for examle at christmas, easter bank holiday etc.

    Example: We are from Switzerland and we are usally not sending out any Nurturing Campaign emails in between Christams and New Years eve. This means we will need to deactivate about 20-30 campaigns manually soon. If we would have this central list where we just could block these days we wouldn't have any manual work to do at all.

    Would the email be suppressed or delayed?

    It would exactly work like you block a certain weekday as for example Saturday or Sunday (see screenshot in my intial post). The email would go out at the next possible unblocked day.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need any further explanation.

  • Thanks for the clarification. This gives more clarity to the idea. We will explore the possibilities of putting this on the roadmap.

  • Macdara-Oracle
    Macdara-Oracle Posts: 12 Employee

    I have a couple of customers looking for this very feature and would provide Eloqua with a USP.

  • lkmeyers
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    Great idea! This is something we would take advantage of! Pausing campaigns or having to explain to requestors why it's a bad idea to send on certain holidays gets exhausting!

  • Ramya Ponnusamy
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    That's a great idea and much needed for effective handling of public holidays while working with multiple countries.

  • Macdara-Oracle
    Macdara-Oracle Posts: 12 Employee

    Any update on this? Number of customers looking for this feature in AI.

  • Claudio.Salvati
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    It would be great to have the possibility to set-up a holiday calendar function in Eloqua and to differentiate between different countries - or even regions in one country.

    One idea:

    There you could select one day and tag multiple values, for example from the Contact's Country field, and the holiday is then marked for the selected countries. On this date, no emails are sent to contacts with these given values in their Country field.

    The possibility to also import holidays as csv would be fantastic.

  • gvikas-Oracle
    gvikas-Oracle Posts: 8 Employee


    Thanks for the inputs. I will surely factor in the feedback while building this feature.


  • Simon Kaufmann
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    Is there any update on this? Is this feature on the Eloqua Roadmap?

    Many thanks


  • Pierre-Ibnou
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    This would be so helpful, especially for nurturing campaigns and any complex campaign with multiple steps.

    What I find interesting in the solution described by Simon, beyond the obvious time gained and the errors avoided, is that it only pauses the contacts at the Email step whereas deactivating and reactivating the whole campaign affects the whole workflow of the canvas.