Oracle Infinity IQ Release Notes for November 1, 2021

Julie Gillison-Oracle
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The following enhancements have been made to Oracle Infinity IQ:

  • Predict the likelihood of visitors exhibiting specific behaviors, and then take action, in-the-moment, in order to affect conversion rates or other marketing objectives.  The Oracle Infinity Predictions model will train itself to predict the probability or likelihood that a visitor will exhibit specific behaviors within the next five clicks.  The Predictions model is trained specifically on historical data collected in your Oracle Infinity account.  Once trained, the model can run against live data streaming through Oracle Infinity's data pipeline and insert probability scores that reflect the likelihood of a behavior occurring.  Together with the Actions feature, you can configure prediction rules, such as the probability of a visitor abandoning a purchase, and then engage to affect outcomes.  The Predictions feature is currently in being released with controlled availability.  Please contact your account representative to discuss enablement.
  • For the Oracle Infinity Actions and Connections features, a history of error messages is now available.  Click a specific action or connection to view its details, and select the "History" tab.  Here, you'll be able to view a history of error messages that have occurred within the last 30 days.  These error messages will aid in troubleshooting why an action isn't running as expected, connectivity issues, etc.  
  • On the Oracle Infinity Home dashboard, it is now possible to dismiss the "Getting Started" widget that appears at the top.  If you no longer require these initial setup suggestions, you can dismiss individual steps inside the widget or dismiss the entire widget.  

The following issue is known:

  • The Oracle Infinity Home dashboard is updated to show your first name; and over time, the dashboard will become more personalized.  If your name appears as "First", click the User Menu from the upper, right corner of your screen and select "Edit Profile".  Here, you can enter your first and last name.  

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