Certificate Expiration Reminders and Warnings

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Most of us likely use SSL Certificates for Eloqua hosted sites, and some also use Single Sign On Certificates. These certificates have various expiration dates, and if not checked manually, can result in whole site outages or all users being locked out of Eloqua. There should be warnings and notification options for certificates so that we don't have to manually track this, especially with turnover making it more likely to be forgotten. This just happened to us and resulted in over a day of lost productivity for many users...

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The feature has been delivered. A new Certification Management option will be available. This screen will allow you to view details and expiry dates for the certificates that you own. You will notice a column titled Eloqua Owned. Eloqua will also start sending SSL Certificate expiry reminders to customer administrators, approximately 60, 30, and 10 days prior to expiry. Thanks