Oracle Eloqua Developer Release Notes - 21D

Lou Patrick
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A list of developer-facing new features, significant recent changes, and platform notices for Oracle Eloqua release 21D:

Recent changes

Bulk API

  • We've updated the Bulk API limits. Every Eloqua instance has the following soft limits by Bulk API sync type:
    • Export 2000 per hour
    • Import 2000 per hour
    • Sync Action 4000 per hour
  • There are many variables to sync processing. We'd expect minimal impact due to volume on its own if within these limits and following best practices. Learn more about Bulk limits.

Documentation enhancements of note

  • We've added an example to the Using the search URL parameter tutorial, under Operators.
  • The Sync actions page now includes a Sync Action App Status section. This section explains the sync action app statuses, the status description displayed, and when each status is set.
  • We've updated the Bulk API limits page to reflect the new Bulk API limits.

See the Changelog for more details and examples.