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I'm trying to extract a form submission data report, and I want to have one row per form submission, rather than a row for each field, and each submission.

The article linked below mentions that if you include a pivot table view and export to XLS then you should get one row per submission, but I can not get this to work. It's a bit vague on the details here

In the "Criteria" section

In the "Results" section

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  • You need to add a pivot table (in the Results tab click on the graph icon and add Pivot Table).

    Once the pivot table is on the screen click on the pencil icon in the pivot's top right border to enter the setup.

    In the bottom part of the pivot configuration you should have the following:

    • Rows: User Form Submit ID
    • Columns: Field Name
    • Measures: Form Field Value

    You can add more fields to the 'Rows' section to get more details such as contact email, contact country etc.

    Once you are done with the pivot you can remove the original table from your screenshot by clicking on the X in the top right.

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    By following 2nd step as shown in image below you can move "Form Name" from section to Rows to get the desired output. 

    To know more on formatting a pivot table and adding calculation I would recommend reading this article:


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