Auto-save for asset creation

LIISA NYE Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Auto-save functionality as an option to turn on would be a really huge thing so that no more edits go unsaved ever again.

Often we get interrupted or sidetracked while in the middle of a email or landing page creation/editing, and then don't necessarily remember to hit Save before leaving our desk. This would provide a safeguard commonly found in editing software.

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Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you would like to see in our product. While we have decided not to move forward with this idea submission at this point in time, we welcome any future ideas you may have.


  • Nagaprabhu K
    Nagaprabhu K Posts: 20 Red Ribbon

    Hi @LIISA NYE,

    I appreciate your idea of auto save. But I feel it's not advisable to have it as a feature. Eloqua creates backup versions when we hit save every time in emails/LPs (in HTML editor). Providing such auto save functionality will create mess if you really have to undo something.

    I suggest to have shortcut enabled to save the assets ("CTRL+S"). This will save your time in moving your mouse to button and hit save. We've a browser add in called "Catalyst" which have a lot of features CTRL+S will save the asset, CTRL+C to copy the asset and CTRL+V to paste copied asset in desired folder etc. Do let me know if you're interested to see how it works.