Allow True Bulk Deletion of Bulk Exports (and so on)

jessenobbe Denver, COPosts: 58 Silver Medal

Currently when deleting Bulk Exports via the Bulk API it is a 1:1 DELETE per export. I had assumed there would be a mechanism for passing in an array of IDs. However, that functionality does not exist. As it stands this seems to be a bit of a misnomer to have only a 1:1 method for deletion via the Bulk API.

Due to API call limitations, it could take potentially months to delete a large number of historic exports that were not configured to auto-delete. This would also cause issues for other consumers of the API.

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Thank you for submitting your idea to the "Dream It(Idea Lab) section of the Oracle Topliners community. Since it doesn't align with our basic functionality and use cases, we don't see this feature included in our roadmap. Thank you