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Using the Web Visit Analysis and Webpage Activity subject areas you can gain important information about your website visitors such as company names from IP and your most popular pages.

Here I have some reports from a dashboard that I created in order to see more details about our web visitors:

  • This report shows the top 5 most used browsers based on the number of total visitors we had in the last 7 days.

  • In this report I wanted to show a great use of the Company from IP attribute that is displaying the IP associated company name and also the URL of the visited pages and the number of new visitors for each page. The Company from IP attribute can return Company Names that does not exist in your Account database.

  • This last report helped me identify the most popular pages based on the number of views and also the average time spent on each page.

Final thoughts

By using these type of reports you will gain a better understanding of your visitors, the great benefit being the fact that you can identify the associated company names that are visiting your websites and what pages are they most interested in.

The Company from IP attribute opens the road to Account Based Marketing (ABM) by highlighting your most recent company engagement on your Website.

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