Include Auto Open Metrics on Email Analysis Subject Areas in Insight

Michaela_Patt Posts: 8 Red Ribbon

Is there a plan to add the metric to any other Subject Areas in Insight rather than just the Email Open subject area?

It would be great to include on reports like the Email Analysis Overview report, which uses the Email Analysis by Sent Date subject area. This includes Total and Unique opens, but not Auto Opens.

Our clients use this as a weekly report to check in on all email performance in a period of time at glance. Without Auto Opens on that platform, it now just looks like their open rates dropped dramatically and they are having a hard time grasping that they actually do have that many accounts on Apple devices.

With the sheer number of Email Analysis reports available in Insight and the fact that the subject area already includes many other metrics, I could see this as a huge benefit.

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Thank you for submitting your idea. We are very interested in your thoughts on any features you want to see in our product. The product team has considered the idea, and will be included in the future roadmap. Please keep an eye on our Eloqua Release Center for updates on when this might be available: https://community.oracle.com/topliners/discussion/4470014/oracle-eloqua-release-center. Again, we thank you for your time and welcome any suggestions.