Enhancement request - Custom Columns in Event Data Feed Files

What issue are you trying to solve?

In the instance adldigita002/Banco Av Villas we configure two custom columns, these are ID_CIM and MENSAJE_ID.

These two attributes are unique per campaign and are included in each of the PETs (Profile extensión Table) with which we generate the audiences for our campaigns.

These two personalized attributes are extremely important since they are unique keys that allow adldigita002/Banco Av Villas to have a cross-sectional and unique measurement of each record.

Currently these two attributes are present in the following events


2. SEN



We need to include them in the SMS_CLICK, OPT_OUT and BOUNCE events as well.

How is it going to improve my/the client's ability to use the product?

These focus on the transversal and total measurement of the campaigns, we do not measure only the performance of the campaigns, we measure based on the billing, placement and attribution on each campaigns.

Of these three missing events, the most relevant at the moment is the OPT_OUT, since this is the one that should allow me to feed the master sources of the entity, our MDM (master data management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) including SIEBEL that It is one of the tools that we are implementing transversally for more than 8 Grupo Aval companies.

Having the custom built-in columns in these three additional events will allow me to identify each record from the source to the output of the Event Data Feed events, allowing me to have precise certainties and updates across multiple sources.

How will this feature improve the product for all customers?

In the case of the adldigita002/Banco Av Villas instance, it is a specific and unique requirement for this instance since the data model is based on the upload of PET's, again this characteristic will improve all the measurement and the unique identification of each and subsequent update in the data source platforms.

How often will this be performed?

Daily according to the recurrence that we have today in the Event Data Feed.

What is the current process or workaround?

For the SMS_CLICK, OPT_OUT and BOUNCE events, we don't have a workaround, basically the ID_CIM and MESSAGE_ID information is not getting through.

In the OPT_OUT and BOUNCE events the files contain the headers, but the information is empty. In the case of SMS_Click the files don´t even contain the headers.

Business impacts:

1. I´m unable to identify customer unsubscriptions and update my MDM (master data management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SIEBEL.

2. I´m unable to generate a single, cross-sectional measurement of two custom identifiers that are included in each PET.


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  • Hi Sachin

    We really need your help on this one, because of the impacts described above. The Bank is not going to let me go into production until we have a way to include those two attributes in the missing events, this puts at risk Responsys continuity and renewal as this affects a key project for all the companies within AVAL group. Today we have in production more than 8 instances and we´ll continue to grow.

    Im looking forward to yopur answer.


  • Hi Varun all these questions are contained in the Request in the same way they were created SR SR 3-28192822011: Event Data Feed events for SMS_SENT and SMS_CLICK are complete